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Shimanto River Outdoor Sauna Experience

Relax your body and soul while soaking in the serenity of the Shimanto River and the scent of cypress!


Enjoy a sauna on the Shimanto riverbank with a view of the lush green mountains and the clear waters of the Shimanto River in front of you. Shimanto OUCHI Sauna is a temporary sauna made of 100% Shimanto cypress wood, designed by locals for locals.

In this experience, you can relax in a Finnish sauna known as "Lauryu", in which aromatic water is poured on the sauna stone to generate hot steam, which raises the temperature of the room and promotes perspiration. There are two types of lauryu: one with a refreshing aroma using ginger from Shimanto, Japan's largest producer of ginger, and the other using nine kinds of natural herbal medicines made in Kochi.

This sauna experience has been created sustainably, using recycled local materials. The stove is a commercial cypress stove and the sauna stone is a roof tile made from Shimanto soil that has been replaced and is no longer in use. The roof tiles are made in a high-temperature kiln and have protected the houses of Shimanto for a long time, so they do not explode when the wax is applied.

4e9e8c18c5c2b1f4b2aae337fac302d0cf3f8ac5.jpgOn the day of the experience, our staff will set up one sauna (for four people) at a designated location in Shimanto Town. Our experienced instructors will carry the sauna, assemble it, and explain how to use it. Then you will be left in privacy to enjoy it. Outdoor chairs are also available for rent. After the sauna, you can enjoy an open-air bath while feeling the great nature of Shimanto with all your senses, or you can take a water bath in the Shimanto River. The water bath in the spacious and clear river is a unique experience that cannot be had in everyday life.

<Recommended Rental Places in Shimanto>

Furusato Exchange Center Campsite.jpg① Furusato Exchange Center Campsite
This campground is located in the middle basin of the Shimanto River, with a pleasant, well-kept lawn. The Shimanto River flows in front of the campground, and canoeing and rafting are available.

Matsuba River.jpg② Matsuba River
Matsuba River is the main field of the Ouchi sauna, with a changing area, toilets and showers just a 2 minute walk away. It is also close to the oldest sunken bridge on the Shimanto River, the Hitotawara Sunken Bridge, and if you wish, we can set up a sauna next to the bridge.

Sawmill.jpg③Sawmill (in case of rain)
In case of inclement weather or if you wish, you can rent a room in the lumber mill for the Ouchi project. A water bath can be prepared by drawing water from the stream.


• Achieve the benefits of sauna, from improved heart function to reduction of inflammation and muscle pain
• Relax in a natural environment by one of Japan's clearest rivers
• Try a unique activity which uses recycled materials
• Sweat and soak in two pleasant aromas - ginger from the local area and a herbal medicine infusion.
• Bathe in the open air in one of Japan's least visited but most beautiful prefectures


• Please bring your own swimsuit and clothes.
• This is an outdoor experience that takes place in a natural environment. Please understand that your physical condition may change rapidly due to changes in the environment, and that it is the responsibility of each participant to take the utmost care in managing his/her own safety and health. In case of any abnormalities in physical condition, etc., please report to the instructor as soon as possible.
• This event will be held rain or shine. However, the event may be cancelled or the contents may be changed if the organizers deem it difficult to carry out the event due to worsening weather conditions (stormy weather or natural disasters).
• This experience will be held on the riverbank and other public spaces in Shimanto Town, so any activities that may cause inconvenience to nearby civilians are strictly prohibited.
• In the event of injury, accident, or illness, the participant shall not object to receiving first aid from the organizer's staff. In addition, if the organizer asks the participants to pay for the first aid, the participants shall pay for it.
• The organizer will not take responsibility for any damage incurred by participants due to reasons not attributable to the organizer.

  Price ¥15,000 per group of four

①Sauna Rental in Shimanto Town Half Day
JPY15,000/ sauna
Sauna experience at the Shimanto Riverbank

②Sauna rental outside Shimanto Town
JPY55,000/ sauna
Sauna is set up in places where wood stoves can be installed.
Outside Kochi Prefecture, transportation fee required.

  Duration 4 hours
  Hours of availability

Flexible, please inquire.


• Sauna instructor
• Set up of the sauna
• Sauna
• Changing area
• Transportation to the sauna site


• Food and drink

  Participants 1-4 per sauna

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