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Shimanto River Barrier-Free Tour

This is a one-day tour for active wheelchair users to enjoy unique spots and nature in the Shimanto River basin by a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City.


c610a0e9dd6e7abeb892197d05b3578406b82919.jpg1. Kochi City Hotel (9:00)
We will pick you up from your hotel lobby.
About the care taxi:
The nursing care cab used in this tour is equipped with a lift at the rear of the vehicle, and up to two wheelchairs can ride in the taxi. Our drivers are experienced in handling wheelchairs safely.

5311a74b70ab3b09f776e80b48e6a82a46261509.jpg2. Kaiyodo Hobby Museum (10:30-11:45)
This museum dedicated to figurines of all shapes, sizes and styles, was built in 2011 by globally renowned figure maker Kaiyodo. His purpose in building the hobby museum was to introduce visitors to the history of figures as well as display his collection of over 7,000 figurines. This quirky place was built in a renovated elementary school in order to "create a place where new people can come together easily".

8febb892484e0899d61fd150e900cf7900c0face.jpeg3. BBQ Lunch at Shimanto Furusato Center (12:15-13:30)
A barbecue lunch on the banks of the beautiful Shimanto River. Local ingredients will be served.

2a79419f4f9aebaeb2fe73f737755e0bdc1cd73f.jpg4. Sauna by the river (13:40-14:20)
Enjoy a sauna on the Shimanto riverbank with a view of the lush green mountains and the clear waters of the Shimanto River in front of you. Shimanto OUCHI Sauna is a temporary sauna made of 100% Shimanto cypress wood, designed by locals for locals.In this experience, you can relax in a Finnish sauna known as "Lauryu", in which aromatic water is poured on the sauna stone to generate hot steam, which raises the temperature of the room and promotes perspiration. There are two types of lauryu: one with a refreshing aroma using ginger from Shimanto, Japan's largest producer of ginger, and the other using nine kinds of natural herbal medicines made in Kochi. This sauna experience has been created sustainably, using recycled local materials. The stove is a commercial cypress stove and the sauna stone is a roof tile made from Shimanto soil that has been replaced and is no longer in use. The roof tiles are made in a high-temperature kiln and have protected the houses of Shimanto for a long time, so they do not explode when the wax is applied.

5. Kochi City Hotel (16:00)
You will be dropped off back at your hotel.


• Learn about the history of figures and see a huge collection of figurines at Kaiyodo Hobby Museum
• Enjoy a BBQ lunch of Shimanto beef, Shimanto pork, and other delicacies from Shimanto.
• View of the peaceful Shimanto River basin from the Shimanto Furusato Center.
• Take an outdoor air bath in the sauna while feeling the nature of Shimanto with all your five senses.


• This is a private and flexible tour, so if you would like to adjust the itinerary please let us know when booking.
If you have more than one participant using a wheelchair, please inform us when booking.
If you need help finding an accessible hotel in Kochi, please contact us.
If you have any special dietary or religious requests, please inform us in advance.
Transport or weather conditions may require us to modify the tour on the your tour.
Japanese people are also welcome to take this tour.

  Price ¥110,000 (per group)
  Duration 7 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

9:00am - 16:00pm


• Care taxi and driver
• Guide
• BBQ Lunch
• Entrance fees
• Sauna


• Other snacks or souvenirs
• Carer

  Participants 2-3 (including wheelchair user)

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