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One-day Barrier-free Tour of Muroto

Tour around the Muroto area using a private care taxi in this accessible tour from Kochi City.


This is a one-day tour around Muroto area using a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City. The tour will take you around the east side of Kochi, focusing on the Muroto area, which is inconvenient to access due to the lack of railroads and highways, although it features the Muroto Geopark and Dolphin Park where you can get in touch with nature.


Care taxi.jpg
1. Kochi City Hotel (9:00)

Pick up from the lobby.
About the care taxi:
The nursing care cab used in this tour is equipped with a lift at the rear of the vehicle, and up to two wheelchairs can ride in the taxi. Our drivers are experienced in handling wheelchairs safely.

06eeadf3fe61172d612a787d949d68fdbec1a8fe.jpg2. Muroto Dolphin Center (11:00-11:45)
This is the only facility in Kochi Prefecture where you can see and interact with dolphins up close. The facility offers programs to see and interact with three bottlenose dolphins and two bottlenose dolphins, as well as dolphin-assisted activities for children with developmental disabilities. You can also enjoy a tour of the center and touch the dolphins.

8740084871_5b8bc1ac16_o.jpg3. Cape Muroto (12:00-12:30)
Cape Muroto is a global geopark. It was formed by volcanic activity as well as the wind and wild sea. It is characterised by strange rock formations and its many photo spots such as a beautiful white-walled lighthouses and subtropical green plants. The position of the cape, protruding into the Pacific Ocean, is one of the best places in Japan to see both a gorgeous sunrise and sunset!

Lunch.jpg4. Lunch (12:50-13:40)
This hamburger shop is located along the seaside in the city of Muroto. You can choose from seven types of hamburgers made with Japanese meat and nine different sauces to choose from. The bright and airy eat-in space was converted from a garage and is reminiscent of Hawaii. The most popular item is the hearty "Bacon Cheeseburger".

da0f0f416a85188189412db91ac2aa09590648ec.jpg5. Nishijima Gardening Complex (15:10-16:00)
This is a tourist farm with about 4 hectares of land for growing fruit trees, which was established in 1971 by eight local farmers. The main variety of strawberry grown here is Sachi-no-ka, but other varieties such as Benihoppe and Yotsuboshi are also grown. The limited time strawberry picking experience (January to early June) is very popular every year because you can pick your favorite berries yourself and eat them straight away. The strawberries grown in the garden do not use chemical pesticides, but instead use natural methods to reduce harmful insects.

messageImage_1613107826473.jpg6. Tosanosato (16:20-16:50)
You will stop at this farmer's market which sells local fruits, vegetables and sweets, along with handmade souvenirs.

7. Kochi City Hotel (17:00)
Drop off at your hotel.


Refresh your body and soul by interacting with dolphins.
A spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from Cape Muroto, which was opened to the world by Kobo-Daishi Kukai.
Lunch made from ingredients grown locally.
Use of care tax to reduce the burden of getting in and out of the car.
A driver understands the needs of a wheelchair user.


If you have more than one participant using a wheelchair, please inform us when booking.
If you need help finding an accessible hotel in Kochi, please contact us.
If you have any special dietary or religious requests, please inform us in advance.
Transport or weather conditions may require us to modify the tour on the your tour.
Japanese people are also welcome to take this tour.

  Price ¥93,500 (per group)
  Duration 9 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

9:00am - 18:00pm


・Care taxi and driver
・Pick up and drop off from your hotel
・Guide (English speaking)
・Entrance fees



  Participants 2-3 (including wheelchair user)

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