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Niyodo River Barrier-free Nature Tour

This is a one-day tour for wheelchair users to enjoy nature in the Niyodo River basin using a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City.


Care taxi (1).jpg1. Hotel in Kochi City (9:00)
Pick up from the lobby of your hotel.
About the care taxi:
The nursing care cab used in this tour is equipped with a lift at the rear of the vehicle, and up to two wheelchairs can ride in the taxi. Our drivers are experienced in handling wheelchairs safely.

IMG_8640-thumb-680xauto-2093.jpg2. Ino-cho Paper Museum (9:25-10:15)
Ino-cho Paper Museum opened in 1985 with the purpose of promoting “Tosa Washi”, , a type of washi paper which has a history dating back over 1000 years and is highly valued for its thin yet durable nature. In fact, it is the thinnest and most finely made washi paper in the world. To make the most intricate patterns of 0.03mm thickness, it takes great skill. At the museum you can learn about the history and culture of washi, its raw materials and its tools. There are Washi making demonstrations where you can see how it is made, and you can even try making a simple craft like a postcard or a coaster.

Top_DJI_0811.JPG3. Clear Kayak at Niyodo River Outdoor Center (11:00-12:15)
The Niyodo River, which flows from Ehime to Kochi, is considered to be one of the best water sources in Japan. Known as "Niyodo Blue", it is popular for its high clarity and rare blue river surface. Niyodo River Outdoor Center offers a clear kayak experience where you can see through the water to the bottom of the river under the guidance of an experienced instructor. While boating, you can also enjoy the surrounding lush greenery.

Lunch.jpeg4. Lunch at Nakatsu Gorge Yuno-mori (12:40-13:45)
Nakatsu Gorge was formed over 300 million years ago as a result of the shifting tectonic plates and is regarded as a power spot in Shintoism. At "Yunomori", which is right next to the Nakatsu Valley in the upper reaches of the Niyodo River, you can enjoy a Japanese-style lunch using authentic local ingredients. The Yunomori Bento is a particularly popular dish - it uses abundant vegetables all grown in the area using the water of the Niyodo River.

093372c5bc8d05c51f7f5ea62101d23806cd5f74.jpeg5. Tea Farmer's Shop Asunaro (14:00-14:35)
This cafe and restaurant is part of the tea plantation, allowing visitors a wonderful view of the river while they rest. The café is run by Noriaki Kishimoto, a local tea farmer who wanted to expand Sawatari by bringing green tea to life through an assortment of dishes. All dishes use the Sawatari local green tea. You will dine outdoors on the terrace. Choices range from their popular green tea udon to the subtly sweet green tea waffles.

6. Hotel in Kochi City (16:00) 16:00
Drop off at your hotel.


• Learn about the history and manufacturing process of traditional washi paper at the Paper Museum.
• View the crystal clear Niyodo Blue River from a clear kayak.
• Delicious locally grown and prepared lunch with a view of the beautiful Nakatsu Valley
• See Kochi’s green tea plantations and enjoy a cup of Sawatari tea at Asunaro (a matcha-themed café) which overlooks the majestic Niyodo River.


If you have more than one participant using a wheelchair, please inform us when booking.
If you need help finding an accessible hotel in Kochi, please contact us.
If you have any special dietary or religious requests, please inform us in advance.
Transport or weather conditions may require us to modify the tour on the your tour.
Japanese people are also welcome to take this tour.

  Price ¥99,000 (per group)
  Duration 7 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

9:00am - 16:00pm


• Care taxi and driver
• Hotel pick up and drop off
• Guide
• Lunch
• Experience fee for 2 guests


• Other snacks or souvenirs
• Carer

  Participants 2-3 (including wheelchair user)

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