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Enjoy a Samurai Town with an Insider on a Full Day Private Tour of Kanazawa

Touch Samurai and Zen Culture in Kanazawa.


This is a one-day, 7-hour tour around Hokuriku's first castle town, "Kanazawa," with a local guide.
Kanazawa is said to be the origin of the city that Kanazawa Mido used as a base of missionary work in Honganji in the middle of the 16th century. Later in the 16th century, Maeda Toshiie established Kanazawa castle in this area, and since then it developed as the castle town of "Kaga Hyakumangoku" the land of a million rice bushels, prospering from the 17th century during the Edo era to the end of the 19th century. After Edo (Tokyo) , Osaka, Kyoto, it is said that the next biggest city is Kanazawa. The samurai city formed around the castle as a vibrant merchant city, and a temple town which was arranged to protect the castle. The atmosphere of the castle town still remains as a place where Japanese culture is beautifully on display.

eae444d27501ca996b6cbc8f3418446b30c71c39.jpg① Omicho Mariket(9:10〜10:00)
Omicho market is popular as the kitchen of Kanazawa citizens where seasonal fish and fruits gather, and it can be said that the crabs caught in the Sea of Japan face quite the fate, for it is here where the crabs are lined up, and then also the locally sourced fruit and oden's you can eat while walking around. You can enjoy this scene at your leisure.

95856b9cbc4cf953aa82832005b9a5c815e059bd.jpg② Kanazawa Castle(10:15〜11:00)
A symbol of Kaga Hyakumanges, was built in 1583 by Toshiie Maeda in full scale and was placed as a residence of 14 Maeda family of Kaga clan until 1869. All buildings other than Ishikawa gate and 30 Nagaya (row houses) have disappeared due to repeated fires, but since 1996 the public has benefited from Kanazawa Castle Park. In 2001, historical buildings were faithfully restored as best possible based on old pictures and old documents. The landscape has once again been revived for the present age.

Kenrokuen-Garden-Rainbow.jpg③ Kenrokuen Garden(11:05〜12:05)
Kenrokuen is one of the three famous Japanese national gardens, listed along with Mito Kairakuen and Okayama Korakuen. The garden boasts a beautiful appearance during every season, and the stunning winter snow hanging together with the famous Koji lanterns in Kanazawa. This is both a symbol and a must-see for Kanazawa sightseeing.

④ Lunch Time(12:20〜13:20)

Suzuki Museum.jpg⑤ D.T.Suzuki Museum(13:35〜14:30)
Suzuki Daisetsu Museum is a spot infused with the thoughts of a world-famous Buddhist philosopher, Suzuki Daisetsu, born Kanazawa, who made Zen culture widely known abroad. Further, Mr. Yoshio Taniguchi is represented here. He is famous for designing large portions of the New York Museum of Modern Art, in particular the extension and renovation of MoMA in 2004, consisting of three buildings, the "entrance building", the "exhibition building", the "thought space building." Here, various representations have been constructed. In the exhibits, it appears as though you passes through a long and narrow corridor that leads to a different space. There is freedom to think and feel as you wish, to touch, watch, and see things as they appear to you, as there is no formal explanation. There is also a space for the various world views of Zen, including the biggest attraction, "the garden of water glasses." Here there is a mysterious charm that draws in the visitor for whatever purpose that might be.

Nomura Samurai House.jpg⑥ Nomura Samurai House(14:50〜15:40)
The house has a lovely garden and a number of interesting displays to help you learn about life in earlier times in the city and in this part of Japan. It's beautifully preserved and the small garden attached to the house exactly what you would want to see in a property like this.


· Walk around "Omicho Market," where fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan is available in great bounty.
· View the castle architecture of Kanazawa castle, embodying samurai culture.
· Stroll and enjoy the elegant garden landscape of Kenrokuen.
· Experience the world of silent Zen as interpreted by Suzuki Daisestu Museum's "Water Garden."


・Please join us wearing shoes that are easy to walk in.
・During severe winter weather, your tour agenda may be subject to change.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 6,000 yen per group, per hour, payable in cash.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of 2,000 yen per person for the tour.

  Price From ¥22,000 / person

¥22,000 for 2 adults
¥20,000 for 3 adults or more
¥44,000 for 1 adult
¥10,000 for children (age 5-12)
Free of charge for children (under 4)

  Duration 7 hours(approx)
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 9:00 am
Scheduled Finish: 16:00 pm


・Professional Guide
・Hotel pick up and drop off
・One-day bus ticket
・Admission fee for Kanazawa Castle , Kenrokuen Garden, Suzuki Museum
・Local Tax


・Food and drinks

  Participants 1〜8 people

Reviews (39)

Samantha C(Australia)★★★★★

Enjoy a Samurai Town with an Insider on a Full Day Private Tour of Kanazawa

From the minute our guide, Junko arrived to greet us, to the end of our tour, could not fault the information, expertise and help given to us during the tour. Very informative and happy to answer any of our questions even if not related to the sites we were visiting i.e. asked about some good shopping areas near our hotel which Junko happily obliged with shops and showed us where they were that we could visit after the tour. Also Junko asked what we wanted for lunch and we decided to leave up to Junko for their suggestion and they didn’t disappoint. The Ramen was fantastic.


Excellent Kanazawa tour. Highly Recommend

This was our favorite tour in Japan because our tour guide Natsuko was able to escape all of the large tour bus crowds. We were able to see so much in just 1 day. From Samurai village to ninja temple to gold leaf ice cream treats to a fancy lunch to the beautiful gardens to the castle and great shopping spots. Transportation was made easy since our tour guide grew up in the town. She was so informative and yet lots of fun to talk with. We were a family with younger children and it was the perfect tour for all ages. Highly recommend Natsuko as your guide!

Rachel Scott(Australia )★★★★★

Perfect day sightseeing

From the first moment we met our guide Kazu, we felt exited for the day ahead. She had a great sense of humour and her English was amazing. We loved everywhere Kazu took us! Highly recommended ❤️

Ian Jarrett (Australia)★★★★★

Sushi, Zen and ice cream covered in gold

The man who invented the sushi train was a chef frustrated by the fact that he needed to fit more customers into his small restaurant. He came up with the idea of seating his customers around a circular table from where they could serve themselves from a revolving banquet of sushi and sashimi.
The man came from Kanazawa and I was offered this bit of trivia during a day tour of the city that is widely known for its fine castle and beautiful Kenrokuen Garden, which is considered to be one of Japan’s top three most beautiful gardens.
We saw gold leaf production, we ate gold covered ice cream and toured Kanazawa’s geisha enclave ($1000-plus for a chat and dinner “but no romance”), Kazu, our guide, told us.
We covered most of Kanazawa’s attractions, including the History Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, where one of the more popular exhibits is Leandro Erlich’s ‘Swimming Pool’.
We did a lot of walking but with time to eat and rest, nowhere more peacefully than at the D.T. Suzuki Museum, which celebrates the life of the man who introduced Zen to the west.
Final thought: This was a bespoke tour with hotel pick-up so we were able to cover the city’s attractions at our own pace.

Ryan Wall (USA)★★★★★

Enjoy a Samurai Town with an Insider on a Full Day Small Group Tour of Kanazawa

We had an exceptional tour of Kanazawa with our English speaking guide Natsuko. She had all of the tour and bus tickets ready so we wasted no time in lines. She was able to avoid the long tour bus lines. She has lived in Kanazawa her whole life so she could easily explain the history. We were able to cover so much in the 8 hours. I would highly recommend this tour with Natsuko.

Michael Webb(Australia)★★★★★

Kanazawa on Foot

We had Junko as our personal guide for the day. As we had arrived a day early in Kanazawa we had already done some of the standard tour activities. Instead Junko worked with us to come up with a tailored walking/bus tour to cover all the highlights not already done on our own. The walk through the Gardens was stimulating and then onto the Castle. This was a disappointment as apart from the main wall nothing really remains of the wooden structures. A bus ride up the Geisha area was interesting and we were directed to a show Geisha house - something we would not have entered on our own. Junko took us off to a local Ramen restaurant for lunch where we had a great meal of soup and dumplings. We finished with visits to two museums, of which the 21st Century was the most stimulating. Junko did a good job and her English was excellent. Would recommend this tour if in Kanazawa.

Bronwyn Scopacasa(Australia)★★★★★

Enjoy a Samurai Town with an Insider on a Full Day Small Group Tour of Kanazawa

We had a wonderful tour with Kazue as our English speaking guide. We were able to see so many of the attractions of Kanazawa during this tour and Kazue provided us with considerable amounts of interesting historical information. We started with a visit to a Samurai house which was fascinating and included a beautiful Japanese garden. We also visited the Zen Suzuki Daisetsu Museum which was very peaceful, followed by the beautiful Kenrokuen Gardens and the Kanazawa Castle. A trip to the markets was great as was a walk through the Geisha area. The day concluded with a visit to see gold leaf production and a chance to use it ourselves, an experience we really enjoyed. I would highly recommend this tour.

Douglas Carrol(Australia)★★★★★

Walking tour Kanazawa Japan

Enjoyed a walking tour of Kanazawa with Aiko as our guide. The tour and the guide were excellent. It was a walk through some very interesting parts of Kanazawa and indeed some very old parts of the city as well. We walked through the markets and beautiful gardens and enjoyed a tea ceremony. The Kanazawa stopover was made most enjoyable by this walk and the guide Aiko who spoke very good English I would highly recommend this city in Japan and the lovely guide.

Lynda Quaran(USA)★★★★★

Day tour in Kanawaza

We thoughly enjoyed our day tour with Reiko, visiting Kanawaza Castle, Omi-Cho Market, Kendrokuen Garden, Geisha and Samurai districts, and shopping for quality crafts, lacqueware, pottery. Reiko is very knowledgeable, made our day most interesting, and also has a great sense of humour.

Pubudu G(Australia)★★★★★

Kanazawa tour - with Reiko

Kanazawa tour we went with our tour guide Reiko was of very good value. Reiko has a lot of information that was shared with us about the culture, history, life style and various types of food. The authentic seafood lunch that was organised by the tour guide was very tasty and unique. Omischo matket was a good choice on the way to the castle and the Kenrokauen garden. Experienced a bit of a rain in the garden with a beautiful rainbow which apparently something anyone would expect in Kanazawa visit. Also Samurai residence that was available for public viewing gave us a glimpse of a life style enjoyed by Japanese people with a lot of water ways and narrow streets lined up in an akward way. Money worth spent on the tour with a friendly and personalised guide.

Lynda Quaran(USA)★★★★★

Kanazawa Day Tour

Our tour with Reiko was very enjoyable. Very knowledgeable and patient true local guide who took time to explain everything in detail beyond expectations and gave us a wonderful opportunity to absorb and enjoy the every moment of our visit to Omicho Market, Kanazawa Castle, Samurai District, Kenrouken Garden and the Museum. The authentic Japanese lunch Reiko organised for us was delicious. Would look for Reiko if we visit Kanazawa again.

Lene Iversen(Denmark)★★★★★

Rigtig god lokal guide

Bookede en privat heldagstur . Blev hentet på hotel af sød og voksen guide , Toshiko. Kunne selv være med til at præge turen, men fulgte nu meget Toshikos anbefalinger .Guide var meget god til at svare på vores interesse for nutidig japansk life ! Kan varmt anbefales.

Pop Mariana(Romania)★★★★★

Enjoy the Samurai Town of Kanazawa

A perfect day in Kanazawa with Kazu a very nice guide !


Excellent guided tour of Kanazawa

We had a wonderful day tour with Toshiko! She was incredibly nice and prepared, she explained to us a lot of details on how the building were made and also about the samurai and the gheisha neighborhoods. She gave us different options on what we could visit with her and we shaped the tour on our preferences. We strongly recommend the tour and Toshiko!


One day tour of Kanazawa

We had a wonderful day tour of Kanazawa and all the places we visited we would highly recommend. Our tour started in the beautiful Kenroku-en Garden, including Museum of Traditional Products and Crafts, and the Kanazawa Castle park. After a delicious lunch of noodles we toured 2 geisha districts including a geisha house and then finished with tour of Samurai district and a tour of Nomura Samurai house and its fabulous garden. I couldn’t recommend the tour and our tour guide Makita more highly 10/10!

Frank Yashar(USA)★★★★★

Excellent Tour of Kanazawa

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Kanazawa with our guide named Hiroko Nakai. She was very knowledgeable about the sights we were seeing and also about the history and customs of Japan. We enjoyed seeing the Kanazawa Castle and Garden, and also the Geisha Quarter, and Samurai District. She even added a tour of the gold leaf making process that we requested. After the tour, she kindly took us to the main train station and helped us to make a change to our train tickets which we needed to do. Her English was also excellent. We learned a great deal about Japan in the few hours we had with her, and we appreciated it very much.


Best Day Spent in Japan!

We had a fabulous day with our tour guide Ayako. She was so friendly, and gave us much information about the history in Kanazawa. Every destination on our tour was unique and memorable. Ayako noticed what we liked and were interested in doing, seeing, and learning about- and customized our day accordingly. She also gave us great suggestions for things to do during our remaining time in Kanazawa. It was so wonderful to learn about the rich culture and history of this city from a native. It was our favorite day spent during our visit to Japan. Would highly recommend!!


CALM Tourism & FRESH Seafoods

No Doubt.
Compared with Kyoto, you can enjoy Traditional architecture in CALM situation.
Compared with Tokyo, you can enjoy FRESH Sushi, crabs and oysters by discount price.
Any other reasons need to come by?


Excellent Day

We spent the day in Kanazawa with our guide Yuki Nakamura. It was one of the best days we had in Japan. Kanazawa is a lovely city and the gardens were beautiful. To make the most of the time you have it is a bonus to have a good guide. Plus you learn more about life in Japan that you cannot just google. Yuki Nakamura is very knowledgeable and the day would not have been the same without her!

Patricia Heessels(USA)★★★★★

Wonderful experiencece

Makiko was an excellent guide..comprehensive,precise,available. allowed us to visit as much as possible. At the end of the day he gave us a gift. Dear Makiko we are waiting for you in Sicily


Kanazawa Highlights Tour

We could not of asked for a more interesting day our guide Yuki had so much knowlede about Kanazawa. As we were running ahead of time she offered to take us to the Geisha district. We recomend this tour

Sarah OShaughnessy(UK)★★★★★

A wonderful welcome to Kanazawa!

We had an amazing day seeing the city with our guide Fumie. She took us to various attractions in the city, some of which we had planned to visit and some we wouldn't have found otherwise. We were given a great insight into the city of Kanazawa and Japan in general. Transport was by foot and by bus which Fumie arranged for us and guided us through, and lunch was an amazing curry at Fumie's recommendation. We can't recommend this highly enough!

Uday Gajendar(USA)★★★★★

Wonderful tour of Kanazawa! Highly rec!

Makiko was a fantastic tour guide, she really showed the "insider" view of various areas -- the geisha and samurai district -- and even recommended a wonderful sushi restaurant, far from the tourist area, quite historic even. Cheerful, friendly, helpful, and very informative with tons of useful tips! She even helped me at the station with the shinkansen ticket back to Tokyo. Thank you again.

Douglas Holien(USA)★★★★

Kanazawa Highlights

Yuki was an excellent guide, flexible and responsive to our questions and needs. We saw and understood more of Kanazawa on this tour than we would have on our own. This is a lovely, interesting city and we had a great day.


Only way to explore Kanazawa

We had a wonderful, full day with Fumie, walking throughout the main highlights of Kanazawa and learning so much about its culture. Fumie was full of information and knew exactly where to take us based on what we had described when making the reservation. I would gladly do other tours with her!


Great day in Kanazawa

Highly recommend this walking tour of Kanazawa. Our guide Fumie was very informative about all aspects of Japanese culture, art and history and she answered all of our many questions. This was the perfect introduction to this beautiful city.

Howard H Newens(USA)★★★★★

We highly recommend Kanazawa Highlights Tour

We felt at ease as soon as we met our guide, Fumie: she speaks perfect English and is very personable. She took us on a gastronomical, cultural and historical walk of Kanazawa. We ended the day physically tired (we probably walked 6-7 miles) but fully satisfied with this enriching experience. Fumie was also accommodating of our specific needs and requests and all our questions were answered. She even recommended a great place for dinner that we enjoyed afterward.

Ginny M(USA)★★★★★

Delightful Walking Tour in a Historic and Beautiful City

My husband and I highly recommend this walking tour when visiting Kanazawa. Our tour guide, Yuki, was knowledgeable, flexible and had a good pace. We almost felt like locals with her and her English was very good. We learned so much about Japanese traditions and history.

Douglas Smith(UK)★★★★

Trip around Kanazawa with excellent guide , Kazue

Tremendous time around a fascinating trip in a very interesting location. The Kenrokuen Gardens are a place not too miss but what was also very enjoyable , was the time spent at a gold leaf museum ,where I was able to make my own gold leaf chopsticks !---now I have to learn how to use them !


Excellent tour of Kanazawa

We had an excellent tour of Kanazawa. Our guide Kazue was friendly, knowledgeable and went out of her way to show us round the city and the Kenrokuen gardens. The goldleaf workshop was also great.

Jacqueline Maartense(USA)★★★★★

Warm Japanese hospitality

Our guide, Yumiko, might well be the highlight of our trip to Japan so far. She was engaging, interesting, kind, and informative. We really enjoyed our day. She customized our tour to fit our interests and our food tastes. She helped us at the train station to make our travel arrangements. It was a lovely experience of warm Japanese hospitality.

Lawrence Kallenbach(Australia)★★★★★

Wonderful day out in Kanazawa! So much to see and do and with a terrific guide.

What a terrific day! Great weather all day and sights like the Gardens, the Castle, Samurai and Geisha districts are not to be missed. Lunch in the market was a fun experience and our guide Toshiko was simply great and so obliging. Thank you for a most memorable day out in Kanazawa.


A leisurely pace around Kanazawa

Toshiko was a true delight to have as our guide. With my husband's back back she was very flexible in taking our tour nice and easy and still got to see so many of the sights around Kanazawa and tell us some of the interesting history of Kanazawa and gold leaf making. All very interesting indeed! We would highly recommend Toshiko for any visitor who wants to experience Kanazawa.


Awesome time in Kanazawa with Iida Kayo!

Iida Kayo is an awesome guide that was very knowledgeable about the samurai houses, the geisha district , the Kenruoken garden and the castle next to the garden. Very efficient with the public transport, polite, smiling and very helpful, I had a grand time with her, visiting the different parts of Kanazawa. Do not hesitate to book with her! You will not be disappointed!! Arigato Iida San!! and thank you for the memories!


Great day seeing the sights of Kanazawa

Had a great day exploring Kanazawa with our lovely guide Toshiko. We wandered through the beautiful gardens, the Castle and both the Samurai and Geisha districts. Lunch in the markets was delicious. Thanks for a very memorable day in Kanazawa, Toshiko.

Anna Louise Masters(Australia)★★★★★

Lovely KanazawaLovely

We enjoyed a great walking tour of Kanazawa with Tomio. Friendly, thoughtful and informative. A touch of zen, glorious gardens, intriguing traditional areas and great food. Thank you.

Cathy McClellan(Australia)★★★★★

Fabulous way to see the main sights of Kanazawa

Yumiko was great, very knowledgeable and informative and it was a fabulous day walking around the city seeing the sights. She was friendly and accommodating and Yumiko’s English was very good -thank you we had a great day. We would recommend this tour.

Kendra Jacquette(USA)★★★★★

Fantastic tour!

Yumiko was an excellent tour guide! She provided an excellent overview of all the stops we went to, and you could tell that she really loves this city. Additionally she was willing to accommodate any questions we had apart from the tour (like how to pick out allergy medicine from the pharmacy). Thank you, Yumiko for a great tour!
I highly recommend this tour if you want to learn the history of Kanazawa and cultural aspects.

Alison Weinberger(USA)★★★★★

Easy, lovely, informative tour!

Yumiko was an excellent tour guide. She came prepared, was extremely knowledgeable, and her demeanor is warm and pleasant. She was also flexible and helpful. She tailored the tour based on our interests and provided great facts and history. We especially loved Kenrokeuen Garden and chose not go to the Suzuki Museum. We would recommend this tour.

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