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Discover the charms of Lake Biwa's east coast with a local guide

Discover both the history and natural beauty of Hikone and Omihachiman, famous for Nobunaga Oda and the merchants of Omi.

  Price ¥10,800(tax included)

Adult: ¥10,800
Children (Age7-12): ¥5,400
Children (Under 6): Free of charge
※tax included

  Duration 6 hours(approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start Time: AM9:00


・English or Chinese Speaking Guide


・Food and drinks
・Public transportation
・Hotel pick up and drop off

  Participants 2〜10

Meeting Point

A ticket gate of JR Hikone station
・50 mintutes from JR Kyoto station by rapid train
・80 mintutes from JR Osaka station by rapid train


The eastern shores of Lake Biwa (known as the “Koto” area) is the historical home of Nobunaga Oda, famous for starting what led to the unification of Japan in the 16th century. The area is also famous for being central to the development of Japan's commercial industries, playing a vital role in Japan's early modern period.
During this tour, you will visit Hikone, a castle town of the Ii family, who supported the Tokugawa Shogunate. The tour will also cover Omihachiman, introducing the powerful merchant class that was based here. Over the course of your tour, you will explore Hikone, taking a walk around Hikone Castle. You will get to see the town’s tower (designated a national treasure), and a magnificent stone wall.
Enter Hikone Castle and enjoy its beautiful daimyo garden. The castle’s foundation has maintained its shape for approximately 400 years. This is one of Japan's leading castles, and if you are here during the cherry blossom season, you are in for a real treat. It is also a truly beautiful site to see Hikone Castle appear to be floating above the lake, as its reflection is cast by the moonlight.
Enjoy the charm of Omihachiman, a townscape that is tasteful and engaging. Hachiman moat, which you can walk along or view from a boat, is a well-known location for period dramas in Japan, particularly for those taking place in the Edo Era (mid-1600s to mid-1800s).
View Hachiman moat, Lake Biwa, Azuchi Castle from the summit of Hachimanyama, which towers behind the moat. You will see both the ruins and streets of Omihachiman, as well as the lush countryside and great views spreading over the eastern shoreline.
Benefit from the knowledge that only a local has, as you are shown the area’s treasures by a guide who is intimately familiar with the charms, rich natural beauty, and illustrious history of the Koto area. Delicious food comes with the territory, and your guide will be happy to show you the best of it.


・Hikone Castle tour
・Miyazono Garden tour
・“Dream Kyobashi” Castle Road stroll
・Hachiman Moat stroll
・Hachiman Shrine
・Hachiman mountaintop stroll (using the Hachimanyama ropeway to ascend)
・Shinmachi Street stroll


・Please wear comfortable walking shoes

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