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Traditional Culture : TOURS

  ¥7,500(tax included)

Japanese style flower design lesson in Tokyo

Express your creativity through arranging flowers in Japanese ways.


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  ¥8,500(tax included)

Take an expedition into the history and culture of Tokyo's Akasaka district

Take a walk and discover the hidden gems in Akasaka.


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  ¥8,000 〜 (tax included)

Get the real thrill of Sumo during a morning practice!

Experience the excitement in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo.


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  ¥6,500(tax included)

Explore Yamato-Koriyama, a grand combination of castle town and goldfish enjoyment

Enjoy the scenery of a gorgeous castle town which is known as the #1 place in Japan to revel in the beauty of goldfish!


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  ¥8,000(tax included)

Leave the tourists at Tsukiji and see a real local fish market up close and personal!

Get in touch with old-time, nostalgic Tokyo in Adachi market and Shibamata!


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Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement)experience in Kyoto

Let's learn the most popular & authentic way of Japanese flower arrangement.


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Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience with a Urasenke Master

Feel the spirit of Japanese culture by seeing the way of tea and having powdered green tea in a calm Japanese tea room.


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  ¥7,000(tax included)

Otaru Discovery Walk

Enjoy Otaru’s nostalgic charm and gourmet!

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  ¥7,500(tax included)

Exploring Tokyo's Red-Light District in Yoshiwara

This tour is recommended especially for repeat visitors to Japan.


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  ¥9,180(tax included)

Authentic Japanese tea tasting at a tea plantation with a view of passing steam trains

Taste authentic Japanese tea in Japan's most famous tea production area of Shizuoka.

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  ¥7,776(tax included)

Learn the Japanese traditional martial art of "Karate" with a female master

This Karate experience features a sparring technique that originated in Okinawa during the Ryukyu Kingdom Era.


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  ¥15,000(tax included)

Experience Real Samurai through Kendo

Experience Real Samurai through Kendo with English speaking instructor.


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