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  ¥8,000 〜 (tax included)

Get the real thrill of Sumo during a morning practice!

Experience the excitement in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo.


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  ¥6,500 〜 ¥10,000 (tax included)

Japanese cooking class for international visitors, a fun activity in Tokyo!

Experience the enjoyment of Japanese food culture and treat yourself to tasty Japanese dishes.


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  ¥14,000(tax included)

One day Barrier-free Tokyo Tour for Wheelchair Users

In this tour, an interpreter-guide that’s also a qualified home caregiver will guide you to famous sightseeing areas in Tokyo such as Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku while utilizing barrier free facilities!

3 review


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  ¥7,500(tax included)

Exploring Tokyo's Red-Light District in Yoshiwara

This tour is recommended especially for repeat visitors to Japan.


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  ¥:6,500(tax included)

Traditional Japanese Calligraphy Experience with a Master of the Art

Japanese calligraphy is at the essence of traditional Japanese culture.

2 review


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  ¥10,000(tax included)

Explore Kamakura's Natural and Historic Beauty by Foot

Enjoy the rich nature and the profound history and culture.

6 review


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  ¥12,000(tax included)

One day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Tokyo

This is one-day-tour for Muslim to trip around the representative sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

11 review


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  ¥9,000(tax included)

Yanaka Walking Tour

Touch a good old-fashioned life of the old part of Tokyo.

13 review


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