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Sushi Lunch at a authentic Sushi bar in Ginza

Experience something special, enjoy authentic sushi in Ginza.

  Price ¥10,800(tax included)

Adult: ¥10,800
Children(Age under 15): ¥7,776
※tax included

  Duration 2 hour (approx.)
  Hours of availability

From 12:30 to 14:30
※ Visitors will be met at the meeting place at 12:15 then taken to the restaurant for the 12:30 lunch. The lunch end will end at around 14:30
※ Closed Sunday and Monday


・Today’s sliced raw fish
・Seared Kanzaki Aged Beef
・Today’s Grill
・Kanzaki Aged Beef Tendon
・Chef’s choice Sushi(8 piece)
・Clear Soup
・Today’s Dessert
・Japanese Tea or Coffee
・One drink
 (draft beer, bottled beer, wine (glass), shochu, Takashimizu sake, oolong tea, orange juice, alcohol-free beer)


・Transportation expenses

  Participants Minimum number of participants:2 ※Please feel free to come with family or friends.

Meeting Point

・Please prefer it to either following.
①JR Shimbashi Station, Ginza Exit
②In front of Ginza Hakuhinkan
※The sushi chef will be waiting with a sign that says [SUSHI TOUR].


A visit to a sushi bar in Ginza is intimidating and expensive even for most Japanese people, but with this plan you can enjoy an authentic, dinner size sushi assortment at lunch for a reasonable price. The sushi plan on offer is a special plan created by this restaurant’s sushi master. He has created this plan with foreigners in mind, and is in a position to do so because he has spent significant time abroad learning about visitor tastes. His course is therefore carefully designed to delight visitors, and also accommodate any special requests they may have. By letting the restaurant know in advance, vegetarians and those with specific allergies can be accommodated. In addition, special sushi requests are welcome, but may incur additional costs. Please inquire in advance regarding any special requests.


・Enjoy lunch at a high quality, famous sushi restaurant in the Ginza that has been written about in Japanese magazines.
・The sushi is primarily seafood, but also includes pieces of beef sushi, made using meat which has been aged at least six weeks.
The meat is from a very famous restaurant, “Kakunoshin,” known for their high-end yakiniku.


・Due to efforts required to prepare the ingredients, reservations can only be cancelled up to one week prior to the meal.
Cancellations 2-6 days before the meal are subject to a 50% cancellation fee, and cancellations on the day of the meal will forfeit the entire 100%.
・Allergy related, vegetarian, or other ingredient related requests (including special additions) should be made at least one week prior to the meal.
・Closed Sun. and Mon.

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