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Cherry blossom viewing including flower design lesson at old-fashioned Japanese house

See and design your cherry blossom!

  Price ¥15,000(tax included)

¥15,000 yen for 2 persons or more
¥18,000 yen for 1 person

  Duration 5 hours
  Hours of availability



・Introduction of Japanese style flower arrangement.
・Will prepare scissors, kenzan (needle to stub flowers), vase
・Tour of my house
・Guiding fee of the tour
・Drink and snack for cherry viewing (2 drinks per person)


・Transportation cost
・Hotel pick up and drop off

  Participants 1〜6 people

Meeting Point

North exit of JR Nippori Station.
※ In case of lost, pls. call +81-90-4548-4538


Enjoy "Day of cherry blossoms". The guide will explain how "Hanami (cherry viewing)" get accostomed to Japanese life and Japanese point of view toward cherry blossoms. Also, you may gain little deeper insight of Japanese culure and lifestyle by visiting my house.

We will start the tour from old downtown Yanaka where family owned business still extist. Many of those do small business on ground floor and living upstair. Yanaka cemetary is one of "Hidden" cherry viewing sites.

We'll keep walking under cherry tunnel at Ueno Park, one of "Must Go" places for cherry viewing in Tokyo.You may see many people enjoying picnic underneath cherry trees. When flowers are in full bloom, walking under cherry tunnel is stunning (about 500m)!
Talking about "Hanami", let's do flower viewing liek Japanese do. Spreading plastic blue sheet on ground, sitting there (please take shoese off lol) and enjoy drinking and chatting under the trees.

After Ueno Park, I would like to invite you to my house for Japanese style flower design lesson, tea time, house tour. My old fashion Japanese house is called "Nagaya" that survived from air raid during WWII. If you walk around my house, you may notice my local still has old fashion and heartwarming atmoshpere different from modern parts of Tokyo like Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya.


・Please enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.
・"Hanami": cherry viewing like Japanese do.
・Flower lesson at private Japanese style house is unforgettable memory.
・My house is located in SHITAMACHI (same old downtown). Even if you are in big city Tokyo, you may feel heartwarming and nostalgic feeling by walking around my neibor.
・Having tea break while seeing your own work is fun.


・Please be on time.
・Lesson for children is available (same price).
・Please have lunch beforehand.

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